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The Search Bar


Okay two ways this works:

1. You know the exact full title of the thing you are looking for. Type it in and press search

Example - I know I want to check out 'The Avengers' - results are below!



2. If you don't know the exact title, character, creator, publisher etc - or you are just feeling lazy - you can put a partial into the search bar.

Example - I want to find Judge Dredd so I put in 'Dredd'

Search will auto suggest the top 5 'Dredd' in each category - simply select what you want!


Now this is all well and good, unless you want to check out the Batman titles....there are hundreds of them...and this will only show the suggested Top 5 if you partially search!

Best you check out the Filters on the left of Comichaus.com instead. But don't forget you can also use the filters to further refine your searches 


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