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Uploading content to Comichaus App - Help

What is the App?

The Comichaus App is an app that is dedicated to indie comics.

It is free for Creators/Indies and Publishers/Small Press to submit their content

Love discovering comics? For a subscription fee of £3 a month (£30 a year) you can stream a catalogue of indie comics

50% of advert and subscription revenue will be split with creators based on how many times their books are read. More info here


Every quarter the total revenue of subscriptions and advert revenue will be totalled up - and 50% will be put into a "Creator Pot". This pot will be divided amongst creators depending on how many times their books have been read and how many pages each book has. The payments will be made automatically via paypal

Getting your content on the App

You can submit digital version of your print comic books AND/OR digital only Comic Books that haven't been in print before. Your comic book should be a sufficient number of pages and have a front cover

If you already have a print copy listed on Comichaus.com database and wish to upload a digital copy for it then go Step 2 There is also a handy video here created by Fair Spark Books

Step 1. Add to database 

You will need to create a log in and password if you haven’t already... Make sure you tick the box that says you are an indie!

Click on ‘add to database’ on top right hand corner of Comichaus.com.....


....and list your comic book. If any information does not exist in the auto-fill you can add them here and now. Make sure you tick the indie box for your comic!


Click submit 

Then add your artwork. You will have to wait until we approve the submission unless you are an approved contributor. Once approved you can now list physical copies for sale also if you wish by going to the database listing and clicking on ‘sell a copy’


Step 2 – Add to App and/or British Library Archive

If your comic is already in the database then you can add it to the app by selecting ‘Add Digital Publication’ from the ‘App’ menu in your dashboard. (Click on ‘My Account’ on homepage to get your dashboard) 

Now select a comic from the 'Add Digital Publication' dropdown and click on ‘Submit’. This will add your comic metadata to the App database.



On this next screen you will be able to upload your PDF to the App database and/or The British Library digital Archive. Just just where you want it to go from the dropdown


Choose file and click on ‘Upload New File’. Some browsers will show a % bar - but please wait until you have seen the completion message before closing your browser

Your PDF can be in RGB or CMYK colour format - but these colour profiles may have different results so please choose the best one to suit your needs. Comichaus is not responsible for anything uploaded that doesn't match these specifications.

Your front cover must be page 1 and the back cover must be the last page. BUT you can have interior double page spreads

Make sure all text layers are rasterised - as custom fonts may get replaced by a system font
It is advised to flatten any layers created in Photoshop etc before exporting to PDF

Your PDF file must not be more than 1GB in size.

Allowed file types: PDF
Maximum file size: 1,024.0MB

Once your PDF has finished uploading it will be processed by our system ready to be viewed in the App. This may take some time so we will send you an email when we’re done.

All done! – Your PDF is now delivered. It will be ready to read almost right away on the Comichaus App if you have chosen that option, and will be queued up for delivery to the British LIbrary if that is the option you went for

My Digital Listings in the App menu allows you to re-upload your PDF to the App and/or British Library

It also lets you see where your PDF has been delivered and the amount of views it has had on the app to date.


That is it! 

Make sure you also claim your creator and publisher profiles! Find them on comichaus.com and click on ‘Claim’. You can add profile pic, biog and links

These will also show up in the app so people can find out more about you and your creations!

Any questions drop a line to info@comichaus.com

You will be opting in to receive a weekly email from Comichaus regarding new content to the App and other Comichaus news. You can opt out at any time.