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Uploading content to Comichaus App - Help

If you already have a print copy listed on Comichaus.com database and wish to upload a digital copy for it then go Step 2

Step 1. Add to database

You will need to create a log in and password if you haven’t already!

Click on ‘add to database’ on top right hand corner of Comichaus.com.....


....and list your comic book. If any information does not exist in the auto-fill you can add them here and now.


Click submit 

Then add your artwork. You will have to wait until we approve the submission unless you are an approved contributor. Once approved you can now list physical copies for sale also if you wish by going to the database listing and clicking on ‘sell a copy’


Step 2 – Add to App!

If your comic is already in the database then you can add it to the app by selecting ‘Upload to app’ from the ‘App’ menu in your dashboard. (Click on ‘My Account’ on homepage to get your dashboard) 

Now select a comic from the 'Submit to App' dropdown and click on ‘Submit’. This will add your comic metadata to the App database.


On the next screen you will be able to upload your PDF to the App database 


Choose file and click on ‘Upload New File’.

Your PDF must be in RGB colour format only - we will not accept responsibility for anything uploaded in CMYK, R2D2, Eagle Transporter or any other format you have made up.

Supply comics at 300 DPI so they can be downscaled appropriately by our converter

Your front cover must be page 1 and the back cover must be the last page. BUT you can have interior double page spreads

Make sure all text layers are rasterised - as custom fonts may get replaced by a system font

It is advised to flatten any layers created in Photoshop etc before exporting to PDF

Your PDF file must not be more than 1GB in size.

Once your PDF has finished uploading it will be processed by our system ready to be viewed in the App. This may take some time so we will send you an email when we’re done.

All done! – Your PDF is now available to read on the Comichaus App.

Inventory in the App menu allows you to view PDFs you have already uploaded and replace if necessary, or to upload PDF’s to accompany the metadata you have already sent to the App.



Make sure you also claim your creator and publisher profiles! Find them on comichaus.com and click on ‘Claim’. You can add profile pic, biog and links

These will also show up in the app so people can find out more about you and your creations!

Any questions drop a line to info@comichaus.com