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Indie Publisher/Creator? Help

If you self publish your creation - you can use Comichaus as a free backend to sell your small press Comic Book. You can also submit your digital Comic Books to our App! 

As with everyone else selling on Comichaus you can list for FREE and we only charge One Penny commission for every sale

You qualify if:

1. You are a small press / Indie Publisher - Even with a big catalogue of print comic books

2. You are a creator, or part of a creative team that has printed just one book

3. You are a creative involved with an indie book, and your indie publisher lets you sell copies

So all free...no hidden costs...use us as you will. Just our small way of helping the emerging talent of the comic book world. Sell just one title you have published - or your whole catalogue...and it will only cost you ONE PENNY per sale

Set up an account and get listing! Even if you dont want to sell via Comichaus - we still would love to have your data

Tag yourself and all contributors to the Comic Book




Courtesy of City of Lost Souls Comic


 *Please note - We have internalised Paypal payments within the Comichaus backend - so it is easier for everyone to track their orders/purchases in their seller account area. As a result of this we have to charge one english Penny for each transaction - Else the system would simply not work! 


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