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Shipping - Setting shipping costs Help

Okay sellers you have two choices when it comes to shipping costs.

1. You can use our 'shipping module' to set up all your shipping zones and costs in advance. So when a buyer checks out they can select what shipping applies to them. To apply the shipping module go to seller settings 

2. You can put all your shipping costs into your Seller Settings and when a seller buys from you - you will get a notification and then message the buyer back with your shipping cost. 


Okay to set up all your shipping costs in advance here is what you need to do:

1. Go to settings/seller

2. Go down to shipping and select 'Use Shipping Module' from dropdown


3. Click on 'Update'


4. You can now add as many shipping zones as you require.  Once you have added a zone you can add as many shipping costs as you want for this zone depending on weights, class of postage etc etc

Any questions please email us at info@comichaus.com



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