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Submission Fields - Format

Here is a list of the comic book formats we have used, we have kept it as simple as possible. If you want to mention that your comic is a 'digest' or 'Tabloid' size etc you can mention that in the collector notes - we thought that would be better rather than giving you loads of formats to choose from here.

We have also going along with the view that a Graphic Novel DOES include previously printed material - but an Original Graphic Novel (OGN) solely has material that is original to this release and has NOT been printed elsewhere beforehand.

So we have included the Graphic Novel description in the Trade Paperback format (Softcover & Hardback) and there is a seperate format for the OGN (Original Graphic Novel) Hardback/Softcover

Comic Book - your standard comic book. Doesn't matter what size it is, usually paper covers and paper within. We have used this as a default description if the format isn't actually known

Prestige Comic Book - or Bookshelf Format is regular comic size but with thin card covers (Batman The Dark Knight Returns 4 issue series by Frank Miller is a good example).

Digest Comic Book - Smaller than the average comic book BooBoo!

Trade Paperback (Graphic Novel Softcover) - a collection of stories originally published in an existing run of comic books - reprinted in book format. Usually features one Story Arc from a single series title or across a run of more than one title. 

Hardback (Graphic Novel) - A hardback version of the Trade Paperback (Graphic Novel Softcover)

Original Graphic Novel (OGN Hardback) - Describes a Hardback book that features original material that hasn't been collected / already published in a comic book storyline or storyarc

Original Graphic Novel (OGN Softcover) - Describes a Softcover book that features original material that hasn't been collected / already published in a comic book storyline or storyarc

Annual - As suggested, a yearly publication - usually squarebound binding. The comic had to have a square binding to accommodate 48 or 64 or 80 pages. In some instances 100 pages (like the DC 100 Page Super Spectaculars in the mid 1970s).

Magazine - Usually a magazine is an oversized comic book, with a glossy cover and more pages within. Judge Dredd Megazine is a good example of this. A lot of British comics were Magazine 'size' but we prefer to list those in the Comic Book format. Use the Magazine format if it says magazine/megazine on the cover

You can also use this format if it is a publication that doesn't just revolve around a comic strip - but has interviews and pictures etc

Bundle - use this field if you want to sell a bunch of comic books all in one listing. A job-lot if you will. These will not be added to database - they are just used for selling in the marketplace. Use pictures showing the whole collection and make sure issues are listed in the comments section!




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