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You as the seller will set all shipping prices. On your profile page you can enter all your shipping information for customers to see. This will also be displayed on the listing page for your comic book.

Please ensure that you list all the territories you post to, whether your comic book is bagged/boarded etc etc. You can also give options for any signed for/special deliveries you offer. If you only post once a week for example, it may be worth mentioning this here so your buyer knows when their issue will be arriving.

When a customer orders a comic book from you...you will then be able to go into your Comichaus account and manually add the appropriate shipping cost - and the buyer will be invoiced!

We looked at lots of different ways to do this, and this seemed to be the most simple for now 

If a customer orders a few things from you...you can combine postage costs as you are manually entering it.

Please make sure the shipping costs you have indicated on your profile match what you are manually entering into the customer order :)

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