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Example of 9.8 (Near Mint - Mint Issue)



Almost perfect, almost as new, with white or off-white pages. Tight, flat and clean with only extremely light wear around an edge or a staple. At first glance you might think it is Mint but a second, closer inspection may reveal a tiny imperfection. The pages should be uniform in colour with no discernible edge difference. No staple rust. Near Mint really does mean near to mint condition. For American comics, a discreet UK pence stamp is permissible. For British comics, a neat, newsagent name (ideally in pencil) written at the top is permissible.


Perfect and as new, REGARDLESS OF AGE with full cover gloss and lustre with white, crisp pages. The pages must be white. Off-white or cream will not do. No printing or cutting defects, off-centre covers or staples. No marks on the cover whatsoever, not even distributor marks or stamps.

As with coins or stamps, MINT really means uncirculated or untouched and would be those immediately encased for presentation in some way. The true rarity of this grade cannot be emphasised enough.

While there are many examples of Mint American comics, there are far less British comics that would qualify for this grade.

Grading information and pictures provided by  Duncan McAlpine from www.comicpriceguide.co.uk

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