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Interview: Pete Genepool (Comichaus Founder)

Comichaus founder Pete Genepool explains more about the recently launched indie comic streaming app, why it is so special and more! 

What is the aim of Comichaus? 

The aim is to support and profile indie/small press comic book creators. There is a wealth of talent out there that needs to be seen 

Why are you so passionate about indie comics and contributors? 

I guess because the creators themselves are so passionate, it is impossible to resist when you see the products everyone creates whilst still holding down day jobs and working so hard. They need to be seen by more people!

Your background is in music, how did you come into comics? 

I have always worked in music - helping to raise the profile of smaller acts and labels. We wanted to do exactly the same for the indie comic community and with this App we are hopefully creating a Spotify/Netflix just for that reason. The two businesses are quite similar in many respects. I grew up reading 2000ad and Marvel - I guess that love of comics never leaves you.

How did you come up with the idea of the app and how did it begin? 

We started off with the Comichaus website - which is growing into a rather nice database and marketplace for all comic books. We met so many talented creators that we launched our print comic book the year after, featuring as many indie creators as we could afford to pay. The App seemed like the next natural step for us, to help raise awareness of everyones comic books, and whilst building there profiles hopefully help fund future print issues. The print issues for sale on Comichaus by all creators are linked to the App - so if a reader likes what they have read on the app - they can buy the print edition and also find out all the other books each creator was involved in

Why did you do it? 

Moment of madness? 

What makes Comichaus unique? 

There are a lot of comic book apps out there - but we will be focusing JUST on the indie comic community, and splitting 50% of the subscription/advert revenue with the creators based on how many times their books are read

How does the Comichaus app work?

It includes featured, new release and 'most read' comics - and users are able to search the entire catalogue. You are able to filter by creator/publisher etc. and there is further information on creators involved. Users can leave reviews and recommend titles and share these on social media. For a £3 subscription a month (£30 a year), you can read as many titles as you want AND store some offline for when your need to. We also have some non-intrusive adverts which generate revenue for us and the creators

What platforms is the Comichaus app available on? 

Platform: iOS, Android Versions: iOS 9, iOS 10.x, Android 4.4 - 7.x

Layouts: Portrait Handset, Tablet Portrait, Tablet Landscape

How many contributors do you have on Comichaus? 

We currently have a few hundred books ingested for the testing of the App - but new creators and publishers are submitting every day....we hope to become THE app for people to read indie comics.

Do you accept all submissions? 

Yes - we decided to not employ any 'A&R filters' for the submissions - rather let the members choose which ones they want to read and vote with their feet (or eyes in this case).

What is your aim for Comichaus in the future? 

We would just like to see it build slowly and surely - and be a launchpad for everyone involved in the making of an indie comic book.

You can download the app at www.comichaus.com/app 

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