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Comichaus Review: Spare Keys for Strange Doors #1

/media/blog/library/spare-keys-for-strange-doors.jpg"A woman is obsessed with finding the perfect boyfriend and, unfortunately, she succeeds."

Lucy Lyall's series Spare Keys for Strange Doors kicks off with the hunt for the perfect boyfriend but as Trish takes to more extreme & mystical methods to find what she wants......it all starts to come undone.  The back & forth between Trish and her weary fiend Kay becomes a glimpse at what their friendship is really like but it leads to the discovery of what you find when perfection hampers your vision. 

The resulting fallout & unexpected events that hit these two friends and their wider group ends up being a glorious mix of the mystical, the macabre and the downright mental but it all kind of works thanks to the even balance of dialogue and hint at the visuals to come. 


Lucy does a great job at throwing us in at the deep end and letting us just experience the developing world but as the plot plays out like some sort of twisted Twilight Zone episode it's hard not to get swept up in the mystery of it all.  Similarly, the split between cartoony & realistic art gives it the sense of urgency it needs to hammer home the desperation of looking for someone and then the realization of finding that someone isn't all you expect.

Smart and entertaining from cover to cover, it's the beginning of a series that could run & run & run and there would still be something to draw you to it.  A great hidden gem to escape into.

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