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Comichaus Review: The Black Rubric

 /media/blog/library/black-rubic.jpg"Black metal vocalist Attila and his band 'The Black Rubric' are on tour, but their set has grown a little stale. Unbeknownst to the rest of the band (and even himself), Attila has been corrupted by dark forces, and when he pens a new song for them to play at their hometown show, all Hell breaks loose - literally.

Attila and the band must find a way to undo what they've done and send the demons back to Hell - writing satanic metal songs is cool and all, but how will they get any gigs if the rest of Quebec becomes a bottomless pit of molten sulphur?"

Chis Mole takes on the management of The Black Rubric metal band he's created and with his story we're dropped in the midst of their latest tour where the spark of an idea brings with it a new song & so much more.  The group dynamic oozes the unique energy that builds in a gig and with a strong frontman steering the ship the waves of elated fans keep coming & coming and while they weather that as best the can they have the resulting arrival of demons to take care of on top of all that. 


 Chris has a brilliant set of characters making up the band and having been able to create a world that captures the scene so well he's paired that with the slick introduction of a new evil for the band to face off against during their downtime.  Katie Fleming does an amazing job of matching the musical & mythical elements against each other across the pages and injects a real sense of urgency to everything that unfolds.  There's an extra nod to Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou on lettering who helps weave the band banter and the demonic dialogue to keep things flowing.  The cover from Benjamin Filby & logo from Joe Stone help sell the comic book gig that's inside the issue and they polich of a team that's playing the same set list.

Cool band, slick idea and the execution ticks all the boxes in building momentum from the first page before then delivering on that turn after turn - and the hope for me by the end of this one-shot is that there is more from this same group of both characters & creators. 

You can read The Black Rubric on the Comichaus App now, or find out more over on the Comichaus Marketplace



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