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Comichaus Reviews: The Light


"To get to The Light, Abigail must run a gauntlet fraught with danger. One wrong move and she will surely die. Although, that's not what scares her the most....

Not only does she have to reach the light, but she has to ensure her eight-year-old son gets there too.  A life she cherishes more than her own, can she keep him safe as they try to evade a giant cyclops and his deadly clib, bugs with electric stingers capable of stopping a human heart, and hell pigs with jaws strong enough to snap bone?

And if she does, can she then do the one thing she thought would be easy as a parent? Can she tell her boy the truth?"

Off-Kilter Comics bring us this one-shot where writer Michael Robertson takes central character Abigail & her son through a fantasy world that seems to be trying it's best to put an end to them both.  The risks close in around around them as they make their way to a mystery door that seems to give them the only glimmer of hope they have left to cling to but there's something not quite right as an unspoken truth hangs in the air like a cloud over them.


As the journey weaves through it's highs & lows it gradually becomes clear that there's a more significantly blurred line between reality and what's being played out across the pages.  While the switch from fantasy, to real world and then to a futuristic one comes as a bit of a surprise, it never takes centre-stage ahead of the core relationship between mother & son.  In fact, that relationship is what drives the story on and that quest for survival becomes equally about reaching that hidden truth as much as an escape.

Artist Martina Rossi does an amazing job at juggling those elements as the panel layouts & tweaks in style help ease us through the transitions that slap us acoss the face with reality.  The colouring work in particular, stands out as it manages to highlight the pain, anguish and relief across the faces at every stage of the journey and all while Mike Stock does an equally great job on lettering to match the feel of each stage.

The creative team combine to bring a story with a strange mix of honesty & adventure which helps drive home a story with a message and that meaning is given a strong sense of purpose through the journey the characters endure.  Captivating in it's execution and stunning in it's visuals, The Light was a bit of a curveball.....but a welcome one. 

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