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Comichaus Review: Unseen Shadows


"The Reverend is a weapon forged by fate and the cruelties of men, his life an endless crusade waged in shadow and blood. He is a one-man holy war, but he is not the first product of the machinery that created him.

When the twisted Broken Heart cult seeks to conjure and enslave a force they are ill-equipped to control, The Reverend must face a custom-built killer who knows him as only a brother can. The Reverend has finally met his equal in battle, and faith alone may no longer sustain him."

Cy Dethan takes the reigns to write a story set in the world created in Barry Nugent's novels and central protagonist 'The Reverend' quickly finds himself embroiled in a holy war kicked off by the Broken Heart Cult.  Their latest brainwave involves performing a ceremony that helps them cross the divivde and invite a new ally into their midst but that ally has it's own evil plans to unfurl. 

There's more of a power struggle on the go in this one though and the backdrop of espionage brings with it a seedy side of life that works well alongside the new evil that's arrived.  Those worlds collide and ensnare the main force for good in between the battling factions but with The Reverend seemingly on the brink of falling out from the control of the very people that helped create him......he gains new clarity to focus on the cult and the torubles they've created.



The gritty world that both good & evil exist in are well formed from the beginning in this one and while it feels like everyone has some questionable character traits there's still something about that central character that hooks you into their cause.  The art from Conor Boyle manages to capture all the multi-layered facets that are bleeding into the book with a solo-war, a corporate control grab & a cult thats out of control all given their own seedy twinge and with the main evil skulking in the shadows there's never any doubt just how much of a threat it is.  Nic Wilkinson has a lot to do on lettering duties but manages to keep the narration & dialogue held tightly together to keep the story moving along and it all feels like a book that may well be part of a series but you can enjoy as a stand-alone story.

Over the top in places but then what would you expect when religion in cult form is involved and it's got more than enough to spark an interest in what has gone before & after this chapter of the Unseen Shadows series.

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