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Comichaus Review: The Needleman


"Needlemen are the dark enforcers of a dystopian city of slaves. 

For one particular Needleman, a seemingly everyday investigation will spiral out of his control and comprehension..."

Martin Simpson writes & draws this dystopian tale that was originally released in two-parts under the Soaring Penguin Press banner and having seen that eye-catching cover more than a few times it felt like this was a book that was crying out to be read.  Inside was a dark & sinister world with the air of a classic movie poured into every panel and as we find out the role The Needleman plays in keeping the peace among the workforce of slaves, it's depth becomes quickly apparent. 


The social hyerarchy on show is a brutal and relentless one and while this may be a future vision we've seen before there's no deny it's ability to resonate and impress in this specific comic book form.  As our central character's detail report to his boss gives us a chance to see the type of person he is both on the surface and inside there's an obvious and surprisingly comforting level of turmoil growing from the events he's gone through. 

This helps show us just what type of world Martin has created he's kept the writing finely balanced to give his art a chance to shine.......and shine it does. The style, and the use of lighting in particular, takes this to another level of quality as the harsh world gets an injection of hope through the aesthetics alone.  While our understanding about the type of things that happen in this grim vision grows....it becomes more and more apparent that the writing & the art have drawn us into a glorious tale that could act as a one-shot or the glimpse of the beginning of a new series of awesomeness.  A slick script that keeps an impressive balance with those beautiful visuals and this becomes another seamless introduction to a creator I want to see more titles from.

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