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Comichaus Review: The High Priestess #1 & 2


"As the final days of the war between Heaven and Hell play out on earth, Holly Peters is brought back to life as 'The High Priestess'. A woman of immense power but surrounded by secrets. 

Remaking the 2015 comic book, 'The High Priestess' is a reboot of the unfinished series that'll build upon and finally conclude the heartbreaking tale."

Writer/artist Rees Finlay brings us the first two issues of his series, The High Priestess, where angels & demons battle it out in a world that mixes super-powers & vigilante's.  Taking centre stage is Holly Peters and while the opener introduces her kick-ass attitude in the midst of her own attempts to thwart everything from simple robberies to demon invasions it's clear pretty quickly that the story on the surface hides some big secrets underneath. 


Her personal quest for some sense of normalcy is a futile one as Rees' fills her with the drive to keep making a difference in the small battles & the bigger war.  Something that could well have become repetative and mundane but the surprises surrounding Holly's own story keeps this from becoming a run-of-the-mill story of good vs evil.  It ends up feeling a little like Supernatural meets Buffy but the protagonist's development into a force of nature in her own right makes sure that the strong female lead shines in a strong set of issues.

While the story is strong from the beginning the art needs a bit of time to develop but it does that in-line with Holly's direction and back-story becoming clearer as we tag along for the ride.  No doubt that's a happy coincidence but it combines with the story to make sure that there's a sense of intrigue & momentum building so that we're ready for the next issue.  Rees does a great job on lettering too as he keeps some of the dialogue heavy moments from stealing any of the stories momentum.  There's an extra nod to Emily Pearson & Chinedu Campbell for the covers of those issues too.

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