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Comichaus Review: The Catalyst



"Guy is a Catalyst, an artificial being travelling from universe to universe, genre to genre, instigating the stories. Whether you need a clue to your mystery, a warning from a mysterious stranger or a hint of hope, he's there. Whatever gets you into the next scene.

But why does this helpful robot always end up beaten senseless? Did you need to stab him as you accepted the ancient scroll?

As the realities roll by, Guy's patience starts to wear thin. But can he ever be anything else?

Also featuring: Wanted: Brave Warriors, a short bonus story looking at day-to-day life in a fantasy world Guy passes through, where courage might be the worst possible trait for completing a quest"

The Catalyst is the newest release under our very own Comichaus banner and the two-story book gives you the chance to explore a whole new sci-fi world.  First up, writer Nick Bryan brings us the main story where Guy traverses different worlds only to find himself getting the brunt of the outpouring of abuse and each attack brings him crashing back to his own futuristic world.  Each return home brings with it a reboot though and the masochistic Quantum Leap actually ends up edging Guy closer and closer to a much bigger revelation about where he fits into the world.......and what his options are when he gets there. 


Nick is joined on this one by Robert Ahmad who manages to slip the basic figure of Guy into a whole host of differently themed worlds and with each one we really start to get a feel for the potential that's poured into this creation.  David Cooper's colouring is another BIG success on this one as he paints those different universes in their own pallet and that helps separate out his journeys for an easy read.  The team is rounded off with Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou on letters who has a fair bit to do with all the dialogue & narration that's floating around throughout the adventure.

The 8-page back-up story sees us focus on a particular world where a fantasy world housing a unique curse to keep out bravery needs some selfish warriors to work their way to it's centre.  Guided by a Gandalf-like figure the duo at the centre of this adventure are challenged physically by the monsters and morally by the curse and it's an easy one to get swept up in.  Part slapstick comedy, part unconventional adventure but all adding up to a fun ride that has enough twists, turns & surprises to keep us guessing right through until the end. 

This time around the Nick/Robert combo is joined by Emily Brady on colours & DC Hopkins on letters and this change of team suits the new theme of the back-up story just perfectly.  The same level of humour is on show with a hefty mix of narration & dialogue but the change in colouring is where the biggest difference is captured and for a back-up story it feels like it's on an equal footing for the contribution it makes to the whole issue.

This is a release that's packed with potential from both creative teams and the option for multiple universes makes an intriguing backdrop to the stories that unfold.  Ambitious, inventive and entertaining.....it's the kind of book that shouts out for more than one issue.......so here's hoping for some follow-up issues to explore.

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