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Comichaus Review: SurrealsVille #11


"Semi-autobiographical shenanigans, off the wall observational comedy & other assorted randomness abound in this collection of April 2019's strips from the webcomic SurrealsVille!"

The latest collection of Rob White's webcomic recently hit the app and while I recognized the imagery that I'd seen previewed across social media....I don't think I was completely prepared for just how quickly I'd be in-sync with his musings on life & the world around us.  The short, sharp one-page comics in this 11th issue had me giggling like mad with it's mix of the absurd & honest moments that were fuelled by Rob's unique view of the situation he finds himself in. 


The artwork he's poured into it is simple but it captures just enough detail to make sure the humour hits the exact levels it needs to.  Smarter than it seems at first glance it's got a Gary Larson vibe in places that makes it feel like this has been a comic I've been missing from my reading list for a while.  It's got all the fun elements that comics should have and for me it's a discovery that means I'll be heading back to the beginning to get as many laughs as I can.....and I'll be keeping tabs on the next releases that hit the app for sure.

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