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Comichaus Review: Slaughterhouse Farm #1

/media/blog/library/slaughterhouse-farm-1.png"Frankie thought her weekend in the wilds of Snowdonia with a minibus full of troubled teens couldn't get any worse.

And then she met HIM.

Blood. Death. Pigs.

If she makes it out alive, life is never going to be the same again."

Matt Warner & A J Ballard bring us the first in a four part mini-series through Hellbound Media and there was something about this that drew me in to give it a go.  That cover was enough to grab my attention and the video-nasty vibe about it's exterior gave way to a relatively innocent story of a weekend trip to the country.......of course that soon gave way to the grim goings-on in a world that city-folks shouldn't really be messing around with.  

/media/blog/library/slaughterhouse-farm-1---interior.pngThe responsible adults paired with some unruly teens on a camping trip always has the air of something nasty about to happen and the creative team didn't dissapoint with a gruesome story of a relentless, unnatural force coming after them.  The matter-of-fact approach they've taken gives this an unnerving feeling that somehow makes you want to turn the page and see what messed up thing happens next.

Art falls to Arfon Jones who knocks us cold with that cover before dragging us through the events inside with a soulless killer acting out exactly the kills he wants to on our seemingly innocent victims.  The characterisation is punchy from the beginning and while some panels are kept simple it then lets the violence hit as hard as it possibly can.  He's joined by Nikki Foxrobot who does another great job on lettering as she juggles panicked conversations and sound effects you can't help but wince at.

An over the top opening issue from the whole creative team but one that I couldn't help but get swept up into and while some might find the sex, violence & swearing a bit much, there's no getting away form the fact that it hits home the horror they were aiming for.  A good glimpse into the mindset behind this series and I'm sure there's enough intrigue here to make sure I'll be looking at the next issues too.

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