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Comichaus Review: Severed Head Cult - The Cthulhiad



"A story of Copenhagan, calamari and crowbars, monsters, museums, mermaids, and the mother of all monsters… 

Severed Head Cult sees Harry, one of The Cthulhiad's main protagonists, back in the thick of it, biting off just a little more calamari than he can chew, whilst elsewhere deals are struck and bargains proposed that might have begun this whole sorry apocalyptic mess.

Also contains the epilogue The Navel."

Gareth Sleightholme is a writer/artist that I always seem to have missed at Comic events but have seen tons of his work online that's caught my eye, so it almost seemed like fate when I spotted Severed Head Cult added to the recent releases here on Comichaus.  Cue a frantic start for Harry in Gareth's opening short and it's quickly evident that the variation in his page layouts & detail in his art are exactly what I was expecting to see from him which makes for a gripping element to this book.

/media/blog/library/severed_head_cult_interior.pngThe plot threads from each of his shorts are really reaching out like tentacles that end up drawing you into the next page turn and while there's some real energy & risk injected into the pages there's a fine balance between adventure & story.  Some sections have alot of dialogue to get through or detailed information but it's really just a chance to catch your breath ready for the next section and the main story becomes a rollercoaster ride for us AND Harry.

The epilogue - The Navel - feels like a worthy pairing for the main story as it still has that feeling of a monster pursuing the main protagonist although in this instance it feels like a much steadier road through the risks along the way.  Cracking art again from Gareth that highlights how he can adjust his writing & art for a different overall pace.

Severed Head Cult ends up being a strong introduction to Gareth's work and while those wordy sections may well put some people off - the payback for it and it's use in the context of the whole story makes it stand out as one worth revisiting more than once.  Can't wait to read more of his work and hopefully it won't take others as long to get on-board with his titles once they know his name.

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