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Comichaus Review: Raid on the Forth


"The true story of the first air raid over Britain of World War Two, and the first combat action involving the famous Supermarine Spitfire. On 16th October 1939 Germany launched its first air raid on Britain, targeting ships in the River Forth estuary near Edinburgh in Scotland. Little did they know that two squadrons of brand new Spitfires had just been deployed to the area. Part time pilots of the Royal Air Force Auxiliary would be pitted against veteran pilots of the Luftwaffe in this historic battle in the skies."

Colin Maxwell writes & draws a retelling of the first air raid in Britain during World War II and his infectious enthusiasm sweeps you up in the story from the very beginning.  His attention to detail shines through as the research into the key players, the ships, the planes & pilots pays off in a intriguing insight into the early days of the war that most of us may have never known about.  The book oozes that British charm of old black & white movies and it actually feels like it's really only missing that familiar crackle that significes it's a classic war picture playing out in front of us.


The events themselves are interesting enough but the details about the lives of the pilots involved from both sides is another glimmer into the reality that there's a very human face to each side of those battle lines.  Great work on making those landmarks appear and again give it a solid grounding in reality and moreso when it's ones that you recognize so well.  Great cover from Graeme Neil Reid too.

A much fresher feeling read than I was maybe first expecting but Colin has grabbed my attention and then kept it for the duration of a comic that has huge significance in terms of the events it depicts.  Interesting, informative & enthralling from the off, this hidden gem needs more attention. 

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