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Comichaus Review: Off My Meds and Other Stories



"Off My Meds And Other Stories delivers four melancholy yet wit-infused tales based on the author's experiences with schizophrenia. Missed medical appointments, an ever-building pile of takeaway boxes, a stranger threatening violence and an incomprehensible set of instructions from the devil - Barrell captures the unnerving and alienated world of the schizophrenic, while at the same time seeing the funny and ridiculous in the situations he presents. It's impossible not to be moved by the profoundly human stories in this unique graphic collection."

Autobiographical comics have always been an impressive source of honesty & the finer nuances of everyday life and while Matt Barrell's newest comic takes a look at trying to tackle the world with schizophrenia.  The four stories he lays out here cover a whole spectrum of emotions with fear, paranoia, & even a glimmer of humour drifting in to his uphill struggle to escape the weight of the world that's firmly planted on his shoulders.  It's a tour de force from Matt as his honesty & willingness to tell all, gives this an instant hook to keep you interested in what he does to tackle each of the obstacles that crop up......be they physical or mental.


There's a simplistic but gritty edge to his art that gives this a strong sense of the real world and as his experiences play out you can't help but end up on his side.  The scary, unpredictable nature of his schizophrenia sees him lashing out at the world around him and while that can be a stark reminder of real world problems there's something valuable in exploring these issues head-on in this way.  As far away from the escapism of superhero comics as you can get but this is the kind of book that highlights the breadth of themes the indie world has the ability to explore.  A much more thought-provoking book than it may seem at first but one that can be embraced for it's raw honesty & courage in the face of a sea of struggles. 

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