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Comichaus Review: nothing

/media/blog/library/nothing.png"In this Abstract Comic, tiny fragments of the lives of 65 people are listed numerically, and then collapsed."

Gareth A Hopkins brings us a concept book where a series of seemingly mundane thoughts, events and observations from daily life are mixed together with some bold and almost experimental art pages.  The key points that he has listed range from the sublime to the ridiculous but there is something about this that makes it a page turner for me.  It could well be the fact that I want to see how many of the things he has listed I've either done or can relate to and then no sooner have I figured that out and I'm onto reading the next one. 


That curious mix of the recognizable & the relatable is something that a book like this will feed on and even though I'm pretty sure this won't be for everyone I couldn't get enough of it.  The kaleidoscope of art is equally as random as the listed glimpses into people's lives but the whole thing feels like an underrated gem of a book for me.  Thought-provoking, confusing but ultimately interesting in it's execution......would love to see more of this.

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