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Comichaus Review: Megatomic Battle Rabbit #1

/media/blog/library/mbr-1.png"As Megatomic Battle Rabbit explores the green and blue mud ball planet his ship has helpfully stranded him on, two primitive human creatures, science fiction fan Dexter and his friend Henry, investigate a mysterious blue light that fell from the sky"

Fair Sparks Books has already been a slick source for indie titles and it was about time I got caught up with the opening issue.  Writer Stu Perrins kicks things off by taking us on a whistlestop tour of West Bromwich as the setting for his tale and with a swift introduction to friends Dexter & Henry the story of an unexpected visitor soon kicks off. 


The titular Megatomic Battle Rabbit (MBR) is less than impressed with the brown & blue orb he's forced to crash land on, but a nighttime arrival makes sure that only a few pairs of eyes spot the flashing lights in the sky.  Post-crash it seems that the MBR is even less enamored with the world he finds himself in but his current circumstances means he's going to need a bit of help form the locals......and two locals in particular.

Stu's story makes sure we have a balance between our Rabbit's distate for the planet he finds himself on and the wide-eyed wonder of the youngsters trying to find out what has crash-landed near their home town.  It's a bizarre mix of ET & Bucky O'Hare but it thankfully manages to ooze the fun & excitement of a classic film you'd watched when you were growing-up that you know you could watch a million times in a row.

Stu is joined by Israel Huretas on art duties and his style crackles away with an energy that crosses both sides of the story that's unravelling. The alien swagger of the Rabbit & the surprise of the human that discovers him is impressively built-up to, and all as we reach a point where the clash of both characters slaps you with the internal scream of "I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!!!".  A fun adventure that makes sure the full four part series is one I'll be catching up with.

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