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Comichaus Review: Mandy the Monster Hunter - The Face in the Curtain



"When they come for the children...
When no one else believes...
The children call to me".

"Nola used to love telling stories, but following a tragedy at her home, the monsters of her imagination seem all too real. With the same creatures stalking her night after night, there is only one person Nola can turn to. 

Mandy the Monster Hunter, a playground urban legend and expert in monster fighting, has battled all manner of creatures. This time however, things are not what they seem and in order to help Nola, Mandy must confront her greatest challenge of her career. 

Can she discover what secret lurks behind... the Face in the Curtain? "

Hellbound Media's Mandy the Monster Hunter is a character I only recently caught up with thanks to Kickstarter but with one of her earliest adventures hitting the app, it was just the right time to delve into Matt Warner's creation.  Here the story revolves around school-girl Nola who is on the verge of returning to school after a family tragedy and as if that wasn't bad enough there are monsters skulking in the shadows ready to torment her even further. 

While that seems like an urban myth come to life in it's own right, it's also a chance to fight fire with fire when she puts out the call to a myth from the opposite end of the scale in the shape of Mandy the Monster Hunter.  The threats come thick & fast from a varied set of creatures that are ready to attack but while this is a good chance to see Mandy working her way through the clues to save the day it also ends up being an empowering look at the strength that can be called from the raw imagination of the monsters intended targets - the kids.  Cue the confidence boost that sees Nola join the fight she hid from at first and the odds are evened out in just the right way with enough surprises along the way that helps ensure this is an easy read to get swept up in.

/media/blog/library/mandy-tfitc.pngMatt's got a great balance between the two worlds as the light-filled days of school & fun face off against the darkness that awaits to creep into your room and attack.  That vibe is embraced by artist Atlantisvampir & colourist Capucine Drapala who keep the light & shadows on the brink of merging with a deft touch and all while keeping the story ticking along nicely.  Similarly, letterer Nikki Foxrobot does a bit of a juggling act on the clue-finding narrative and mix of dialogues to maintain the momentum and keep the adventure elements punchy from start to finish.

This felt like much more of an all-ages book than I was expecting at first but it ends up suiting the cast involved perfectly and while it's a curious mix of Grimm fairy tales meets Buffy, there's no getting away from the fact that Mandy is the type of character that can & should earn more fans. 

You can read Mandy the Monster Hunter - The Face in the Curtain on the Comichaus App now, or purchase a print copy from the Comichaus Marketplace



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