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Comichaus Review: Mahoney's #1



"Set in a bar exclusively for Super-Villains, Mahoney's may be a hive of scum and villainy but they serve the best craft beers in town."

Creator & writer Richard Carrington teams up with Brian Dawson to bring us the story of ex-Villain Mike Mahoney and the bar he runs for the villains of the city.  HIs friends & acquaintances drift in after a night of heists & hold-ups to a safe haven where they can grab a beer and plan their next move.  Key to whole story is a cast of characters that all have their own unique personalities and the familiarity between them all & with Mike himself gives this a instant feeling of normality to it all.  /media/blog/library/mahoneys---interior.pngRichard has brought together a brilliant premise to give the villains of the piece a firm grounding in reality rather than some throw-away elements in glorified quest for good.  In fact, the imperfect side to each character seems far more normal than I was expecting at first and as it combines with Brian's mix of cartoony characters & real-life cityscapes, it's all a curious blend that works exceptionally well.

There are a few pages that seem packed with dialogue that take it to the brink of being a distraction but the creative team manage to keep away from that pitfall and keep the story moving.  A bit more narration could have helped but over the course of the two stories there's so much potential in this premise and the characters they've created that I'd love to see more of Mahoney's.

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