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Comichaus Review: Lost Time #1



"Delilah has an exceptionally good memory, which can cause her to not only remember events, but relive them. Because of this, bouts of anxiety induced by painful experiences make it nearly impossible for her to come to terms with reality. As each compounding memory threatens to overwhelm her, she struggles to live in the present moment."

The first issue of JWC's Lost Time series centres it's story around Delilah as her family attempts to come to terms with a massive loss and if that wasn't enough she has a good memory that blurs the lines between current events and happier times.  That leaves Delilah feeling like she's trapped in a self-imposed limbo and all the pain & anguish that comes with that has her wrestling for a sense of sanity. 


The weight of the world and the events within it rest firmly on the characters shoulders and JWC knows just the right elements to add to each and every situation to keep this feeling like a personal tragedy that hurts.  In among that there's a sliver of hope that Delilah can escape the same old spiral and break free of the anxiety her specific skill set presents her with.  The weighty story feels like a progression is earned across the pages though and Delilah ultimately feels like she's gaining control back in her head and her life all at the same time.

The script is injected with hope in the almost dreamlike art style that JWC has which in itself makes this a unique blend of bittersweet and hopeful.  The glowing pages help things remain much more buoyant as the toing & frowing between events and central characters becomes a shared experience for those in the midst of the events as well as the reader.  Glorious to read, stunning to look at and touching to experience - this all becomes a tour de force in comic book form.

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