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Comichaus Review: Long Road Back: Medusa #1


"Sam and Jeanie try to survive while stuck in-between several competing sides in a large scale war."

Writer Robert Getty brings us the first issue of his grim apocalyptic title Long Road Back where a family just trying to survive find themselves embroiled in a war that costs one of them their life.  That triggers a whole series of unfolding events as the battles kick-off and the hyerarchy of the time bleeds into the power-struggle that's playing out.  While that's buzzing around in the background the core family are trying to get back together and avoid the forces that are desperate to get their hands on the titular 'Medusa'.


The grim reality hits you from the first page in this and it starts on a solid momentum that keeps on going as it drags you along to keep up.  Robert has a story full of potential here and that's given a significant boost with the dark & moody artwork from Isabel Derr which seems to have the weight of the struggle soaked into it.  The only jarring part of the book seems to be the lettering which drifts into feeling like it's out of place at times but the flow isn't disrupted by it too much.

In the end, this is a cracking start to a series I'd like to see more of soon and with any lucky the gritty world from Robert will continue with the same momentum.

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