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Comichaus Review: Jake Stone Chronicles #1



"Biker in 1974 experiences the supernatural and the unknown."

Creator Steve Lowe brings us the first issue of his Jake Stone title which he co-writes with artist Russell Bennett and we're thrown into the midst of a story of life on the road as titular Jake hits the throttle for another slice of the supernatural.  There's an instant old school vibe about the adventure Jake's about to face and there's no doubting that the small town America is key to creating the type of atmosphere the creators want. 

/media/blog/library/jake-stone---interior.pngAs moonlight & moonshine blur together there are enough things to go bump in the night and rattle a drifter like Jake but the startling events give him more than enough to dwell on.  There are some typical horror movie cliches that make an appearance in the form of tried and tested scares but with a central character like this in the middle of the action, the nostalgia that brings is almost comforting.  Soul searching in ever sense of the word becomes the norm for our main man's journey and there's a great feeling that this is the introduction to a world that could run & run for as long as there's road for him to travel down.

The recognizable horror elements thankfully don't distract from the flow of the story around Jake and Steve & Russell do a grand job of teasing the reader through each of the scares & shares they introduce to Jake's night.  That's backed up by Russell's art that strays away from a standard layout to something far edgier that suits the vibe of the story.  He's backed-up exceptionally well by Chelsea Lowe on colours & lettering which combine well to keep the mood sinister as the unknown creeps in.  Chelsea gets an extra nod for that glorious attention-grabbing cover. 

All in all it's a fun ride on the shoulder of Jake Stone in an opening issue that does enough to bring us into his world, get us hooked and then leave us wanting more......that's got to be seen as a big WIN.  Roll on issue #2.

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