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Comichaus Review: Gray #1


"When Danny Gray has his undercover identity exposed, he's left to suffocate in a concrete foundation. Two days later: he's back, and with the aid of an old friend and an unusual superpower, he strives to cement each member of the mob who left him for dead."

The first issue of Daniel Faulkner's series 'Gray' introduces the titular Danny Gray as he faces the wrath of his employers in the wake of the discovery of the lies about who he really is.  The repercussions are life-changing for Danny and his apparent survival from certain death kick starts the discovery of a new set of what appears to be super-powers.  Returning to familiar surroundings after being missing for three days, he finds his fried Jordan and the reality of what's happened to him starts to sink in. 


As you'd expect when you've been wronged and you have some new powers to test, it spells out the chance at some revenge and his ex-boss is firmly in his sights.  Daniel's story ducks & weaves through it's plot points with a comfortable flow to it and the injection of interactions with his friend and the occasional humour when the real-life challenges of Danny's newfound form & abilities helps to keep a solid grounding to the whole thing.

Art duties on this belong to Rees Finlay and while there are a couple of panels that seem a bit overly simplified, the vast majority has a good flow to it in it's own gritty way.  The moody opening sets the scene with good style and all as the black, white & grey shades captures the action & the surprises exceptionally well.  That creative combo makes sure that this is crammed with enough potential to get us beyond the notion it's just another revenge tale and I can't wait to see where else this will take us.

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