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Comichaus Review: Family Capital #1



"Family, honor, loyalty, respect... As all of us, Tina King must hold on some principles to sleep through the night. But the Family's new plan hit her hard with collateral damage and she questions everything.

This is the story of what happens next."

José RC de Freitas kicks off his new series, Family Capital, with the first issue of a five-part series he's writing & drawing.  He tells a story about family, crime and the limits that loyality can be pushed to when the latest plan starts to unfold.  The city of New West is the setting for this first short story featuring the King crime family and in this opening issue we see Tina taking her latest set of orders but gearing up for kicking off her own plan. 


The layers of a mafia family are as complicated as you can imagine and the thin line between life & death seems to over-shadow the common blood the core characters share.  Tina's plan goes against everything her family has planned and she quickly becomes a target in their sights and the only option is to hit the road.  It's a gritty beginning from José and while the story is a short one it's a worthy glimpse into the potential that he has injected into it.  The artwork adds a moody aspect to what's happening around Tina and it feels like there's a weight to the world around her but with the eyes on her & bullets flying in her direction it's clear that she's on her own.

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