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Comichaus Review: Erol VS Evil #1



"Follow Erol a bonehead as he wanders through the Freedom realm on a mission to level up."

In Erol VS Evil the titular hero/bonehead has thrown himself into a quest to get himself some street cred by levelling up in teh fantasy world of the Freedom Realm and while that may sound like an easy task there' s ton of obstacles just ready to block his path.  Creator, writer & artist Darrell Thorpe weaves a curious tale of monsters, missions & madness as we acompany Erol on his journey into the darkest corners of his world but with trusty sword in hand there's no no end to the possibilities that our dim but determined hero has in front of him.


Darrell's quirky sense of humour shines out across the pages with some slick sight-gags, some groan-inducing puns and some epic battles all mingling to keep Erol & us on our toes.  The curious cast around him sees him face off against foes he really has no place going up against but with more than his fair share of luck, he's ever hopeful to get himself raised up in stature enough to get the acceptance he wants.

Artwise it's hard not to fall in love with Darrell's style and with it's almost platform game vibe it ends up being an engrossing journey to follow.  Well-paced throughout and bold in scale it all ends up being a whirlwind of ideas that make sense in this creators hands and it's even better as the potential for more is there for all to see.

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