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Comichaus Review: Digitopia 1.0


"Digitopia 1.0 is an pre-apocalyptic action adventure comic book about a father daughter team trying to find to safety from the terrorists and an invading army.

In a world where lies are the new currency it's hard to know who you can really trust.

When the Confederates' land becomes flooded they invade Digitopia, claiming that the Digitopians are developing weapons of mass destruction. The Confederates expel the Digiopitans from their land, branding them as terrorists.

The Confederates build an electric fence around 'New Digitopia' to keep the Digitopians out - leaving them to starve and drown.

But Jay is not going to let his daughter Libra starve or drown - he's getting back inside.

Little does he know there are worse horrors awaiting him inside."

Farhan Qureshi writes us a story of a messed up world that's got the typical divide between the haves & have nots as the Confederates flex their all-powerful muscles in making sure the Digitopians have as short a life as possible.  Lies and misdirection are the weapons of choice that are exposed to the masses but taking the more direct and brutal options are not far from the choice of action to take.  In the midst of this new father Jay sees a glimmer of hope in the face of his daughter Libra and while their are casualties and betrayals all around them there's a definite drive to survive that seems unflinching.

Fahran keeps a lot of typical cliches on-board for this with the big players being recognizable but the depth to his characters & the creative team he's put together for this helps it steer clear from becoming too familiar.  Time passes for all the characters involved and the connections of family and sense of layalties come int oquestion at almost every turn which manages to keep the interest bubbling away on the surface for this openign issue.


While the story is key to keep that momentum it's detailed art, it's tones and it's well-controlled lettering sees the combo of Sebastián Piriz & Simon Robins blend well to give the events a real sense of risk and consequence as the story unfolds.  As a result the deaths hit like a punch in the gut & the cliffhangers leave you hanging and that well-developed world ends up becoming a free-flowing comic that has bags of potential on offer.  Keep an eye out for more of this.

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