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Comichaus Review: Bruce


"A sharks hunts for prey off the coast of a New England beach town. Can he satisfy his hunger? Or is this game too deadly?"

This 16-page comic from David B Cooper takes us on the hunt for prey on the shoulder of a shark and the air of innocence around that central focus of the story is an interesting contrast to give.  As the targets/meals mount up there's a definite familiarity to the surroundings as it turns out he's actually retelling a well-known shark attack tale from the perspective of the predator but rather than give it the outlook of a mindless eating machine it's got a quirky personality of it's own that becomes disarming (pun intended). 

/media/blog/library/bruce---interior.jpgThe gentle, simple tale could well have come and gone like the tide but the heart David gives it and the attention to detail in some of that art helps elevate this into a surprisingly entertaining read given the subject & length of the book.  Funny & strangely touching in a way, the calm around the shark going about his business is infectious and that helps get you swept up in a tale of getting some food....albeit that food is human-shaped. 

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