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Comichaus Meets: Mike Lynch

Today we meet creator & writer, Mike Lynch!


Please introduce yourself and your team (if you have one).

My name is Mike Lynch and I’m a writer from the West of Ireland. I’ve worked for several anthologies in Ireland and England including FutureQuake, Zarjaz and the Irish language anthology Ruaille Buaille.

My first graphic novel came out last year from Markosia called Salvage. It was based on a story by Martin Greene and was drawn by Neil McClements and Anthony O’Neill. I’m currently working on a five part series called The Vampires of Lower Bennett Street with Derry based artist Joe Campbell for Markosia.

What are some of the comics that inspired you to start creating your own? Any creators in particular?

The first comic that really inspired me was The Dark Knight Returns and Preacher. I had stopped reading comics for a long time but these two books were just amazing. I had never seen anything like them before. As for creators, Garth Ennis and Neil Gaiman are some of my favourite writers.

How much of your own personality goes into your character(s)?

I try my best to develop the characters so they have their own personalities. Some of my own personality will always slip through on occasion but I do try to get into the heads of them and see what they would do next. I think it adds so much more to the story if you can make the characters as believable as possible.

Where did you draw your inspiration from?

I’d say I draw my inspiration from many different sources, everything from movies, books to podcasts. Movies are probably one of my biggest inspirations especially horror and science fiction. I’m a huge fan of Hitchcock I love how he could tell a story with no dialogue needed.

What struggles have you faced with the creation of, and producing, the final release?

Self publishing can be challenging, I find that the production of the comic usually goes smoothly it’s more the financial side of things that can be difficult. I love the production side of things from writing the script and seeing the art come in from the artist is always great. Finding funds for books is alway challenging.

What do fans need to know going into their first issue of your comic?

The Vampires of Lower Bennett Street tells the story of Lazarus who is on the hunt for an artefact which will help him finally die. He has teamed up with the only other immortal creatures arounds, vampires. He finally tracks down his artefact but ends up trapped underground. He finally emerges with the vampires in the future, one in which vampires now rule the world and he hunted by the ruling vampires.

What have you got coming up in the future? Are you working on more issues?

Issue Three of The Vampires of Lower Bennett Street will be out very soon from Markosia. I have a Judge Dredd story drawn by Jack Davies coming out in the next issue of the 2000 AD fanzine Zarjaz. I am also working on a new graphic novel at the minute but it’s early days on that one so I don’t want to say too much for now.

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FutureQuake  #16
Something Wicked  #9

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