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Comichaus Meets: Matt Garvey

Today we meet creator & writer, Matt Garvey.

/media/blog/library/matt-garvey.jpgPlease introduce yourself and your team (if you have one).

Hello, I am Matt Garvey and i'm a comic writer from Essex in the UK. As for my team...well, it all depends on what comic...because i have a few...my artists collaborators are: Cris Canfailla on CHUNKS, Alexsandar Bozic on The adventures of Cordelia Swift, Eder Messiah on Transfer, Dizevez on The Ether and White NOIR, Robert Ahmad on The Devil in Disguise and last but surely not lease...Grayham Puttock, Andy Clift and Michael Rea on Red Rocket Comet.

What are some of the comics that inspired you to start creating your own? Any creators in particular?

There were three books specifically that i read in my early 20s that really made me wanna have a crack at writing and showed me that you can take a character that EVERYBODY knows and you can shake them up...mess with their origins...but still keep the integrity... In no particular order, they were...

Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette and John Totleben's Swamp thing...they completely changed the genesis of that character into something unique and different (no spoliers here ) It completely blew my mind... Same with the second one which was Daredevil: Father by Joe Quesada... Daredevil was the first comic i bought when i was a kid, so i have a great love for the Man Without Fear, but again this story tweak something that really changes the dynamic of that origin and it was genius storytelling with breathtaking art.

The last was a bit of a curveball because I'm not a HUGE Wolverine fan...but i bought a complete run of Old Man Logan (by Millar a McNiven) after a comics break (i had to stop for a while because i had no money after uni) Originally it was McNiven's art on the covers that drew me in, but it was the story that blew me away. it was such a personal story...one of desperation, but the huge marvel u canvas it was told on just made it so enjoyable...and really made me like the little scruffy fella.

How much of your own personality goes into your character(s)?

Oh, loads...aspects of my personality are in EVERY character i write. Whether that be my humour...my moral compass when writing superheroes, i don't think you can avoid it.

Where did you draw your inspiration from?

The Shower...no joke. I ALWAYS get comic ideas when i'm having a shower...why? I have no idea... My only theory is that washing is such a mundane exercise...we all have our routine and because it takes very little brain power to do, the rest of my mind is wandering and then POP i'll have an idea for a twist or a joke which sends me off on that story path... So, shower more, guys...

What struggles have you faced with the creation of ….. and producing the final release?

Starting out my biggest struggle was finding artists to work with me. But I found the secret...YOU PAY THEM. You pay an artist to work with you and you watch those pages fly in...there is no stopping them. Apart from that, it's clear sailing in the comic making world.

What do fans need to know going into their first issue of your comic?

If you don't like it i don't care because you already paid! I kid... Well, with 90% of my comics there is ALWAYS a twist... I love to lead readers up one path then screw with their heads...so, i'd say, going in, my comics i never what you think they are going to be.

What have you got coming up in the future? Are you working on more issues?

Loads and loads and loads! No stopping me this year...i have seven comics in various stages of completion but i am going for ten issues this year (famous last words) I've just released The Ether #2. We'll have Transfer #2 coming out soon too. I have a comedy comic called Untitled Generic Space comedy (with John McFarlan), a sci-fi comic called The PREY (With Jn Francis Tottie) a kids horror comic called Camp Bleh (with Rosie Hague), a supervillain prison Comic called The Cage (with Dean Kotz)...Lucky Me (with Jess Taylor) how manys that? :D Plus a couple more i can't say yet!

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The Ether  #1
The Devil in Disguise  Vol.1
Red Rocket Comet  #1

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