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Comichaus Meets: Jed McPherson

Today we meet creator & writer, Jed McPherson.


Please introduce yourself and your team (if you have one).

I’m Jed McPherson I’m a writer. I co-created The Show alongside artists Robert Ahmad and Joseph Velasquez and colourist F.P. Sioc Jr.  

What are some of the comics that inspired you to start creating your own? Any creators in particular?

I’m a big fan of the Brubaker and Phillips’ collabs. Criminal in particular. When I was teaching my self to write comic scripts I spent hours pulling apart their stories trying to see how they were so damn good.

It’s not a comic but Kieron Gillen’s Decompressed Podcast was a huge help as well. Listening to comic creators break down their own books was huge. Really helped me find my feet as a writer.

How much of your own personality goes into your character(s)?

I’d hope not much - I tend to write characters that are assholes - but in truth it’s probably more than I’d like. Write what you know and all that...

Where did you draw your inspiration from?

I read a lot. Listen to a lot of non-fiction podcasts.  I get obsessed with things easily which helps with the research.

What struggles have you faced with the creation of, and producing, the final release?

Any comic that makes it to print is a goddamn miracle but The Show had some pretty severe  scheduling problems. Thankfully when Robert came on board it got much easier.

What do fans need to know going into their first issue of your comic?

We tried to keep The Show reasonably accessible for new readers. If I was going to prewarn
people I’d say it’s pretty f’ing weird. Issue two in particular goes to some pretty strange places.
Oh and it’s probably not suitable for kids. There’s lot’s of swearing. A bit of implied violence.
You know, grown up stuff.

What have you got coming up in the future? Are you working on more issues?

We’ve wrapped The Show and there are no current plans to do a follow up. But that doesn’t mean we’re not staying busy. I’m working on a crime one-shot which should be making it to kickstarter some point this year.

Robert is always working on something. His series Headless is being released by Scout Comics
right now and he’s also got New York City Gallows coming out. Both books are excellent

You can read 'The Show' from Jed over on the Comichaus App now, or purchase a print copy from the Comichaus Marketplace by clicking on the cover images below.


The Show 2018 #1
IF  Vol.3
Deadbeat 2017

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