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Comichaus App - New Releases 8th February 2019

Here is a selection of new indie titles added to the Comichaus App this week!

Rumblekings #1, Dexter's Half Dozen, Parallels, The Book of Joe, Magnus Robot Fighter #9/10/11/12, Surrealsville #9, Mahoney's #1 and Broke Down & 4 Dead Bodies

For more info on the app go to here!

Dexter's Half Dozen 2008-Present Vol.1
Parallels 2018 #1
The Mocking Dead 2014 #4
The Book of Joe
Mahoney's  #1
SurrealsVille  #9
Broke Down And Four Dead Bodies 2018 Vol.1 #1
Rumble Kings  Vol.1 #1

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