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white NOIR #1

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white NOIR #1



Comic Book




United Kingdom

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Story Synopsis:

Following a collision with a deer during a blizzard, James wanders into a rural mountain town for shelter....


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Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5


First class

This is a well drawn and coloured comic with a real hook. When is the next part coming

By: Kendurance - 03 July 2020 13:26:10


Great Read

Loved the story, cant wait for more!

By: GDawg - 19 August 2018 22:40:29


Great new title

Looks terrific with superb detail and first class pallet. Story builds nicely to a compelling end of chapter. I am really looking forward to thr next issue.

By: Kendurance - 13 August 2018 10:54:03


Great start to an intriguing noir comic

This was a cracking first issue which me eager for issue 2. I would reccommend reading this in landscape mode on a tablet as did find the lettering a little hard to read and it jarred a little with the stunning art work. The writing is solid and it's clear the writer knows his way around the genre. He manages to give us some answers while still hinting at many more questions. This is an accomplished opener to what promises to be a cracking noir thriller.

By: geeksyndicate - 15 July 2018 07:28:27


Intriguing story and unique art.

The unqiue art works perfectly for the story, which leaves you wanting more.

By: Comichaus Member - 13 January 2018 07:41:00

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