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White Druid & Michael Nero Vol.1 #1

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White Druid & Michael Nero Vol.1 #1
"Hard Bargains"

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01 February 2019

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01 February 2019



Comic Book




United States

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Original Front Cover Omen Comics Contact Gem Mint (10) These can be signed or unsigned, personal or just a signature. This 40 page bad boy will be shipped, bagged & boarded so that no harm will befall your book. 3.99 USD
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From: United States
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White Druid & Michael Nero
Lugh O'Sidhe is the White Druid - the Omenverse's Mystical Grandmaster. Lugh is a Guardian of the Elayim Tree & is thousands of years old. He is devoted to civility, order & the rule of natural law. His family, the deities known as the Tuatha De & the Tir na Nog gods have long since departed this world. But as the White Druid, Lugh is the Protector of the Realm & must remain behind, foregoing paradise to watch over mankind. In his centuries walking the earth Lugh has changed the lives of many apprentices, but one of those students, Michael Nero, became an agent of change for the White Druid. Michael Nero is a punk rocker, drug addict & paranormal investigator with some special gifts: Nero was born with the Third Sight - the ability to see all planes of existence simultaneously & occasionally see terrible, nightmarish visions. Nero also has an IQ of 160 & an ability to correlate & deduce facts with supercomputer-like speeds making him world renowned for his investigative & detective work. Now, Nero & Lugh must come together once again to combat the rising of the Apocalypse.

Collector Notes:

The Omenverse Story is broken into 4 titles to tell it all. White Druid & Michael Nero #1 is chapter 1 of the story. This book begins the foundation of the Tetrad Omega event to be finished throughout our remaining #1 titles, Omen #1, Gallows Men #1 & a series of 1-shots & mini-series.



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