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Toothville #1

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Toothville #1


The fate of Toothville lies in the hands of clumsy Tilda Hillfairy and her cat slinky.


Issue 1

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03 September 2017



Comic Book




United Kingdom

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Story Synopsis:

Toothville is a modern fairy tale set in the magical world of tooth fairies and their home town Toothville. Tilda Hillfairy is a fairy with a string of failures against her name. Unable to graduate from Tooth Academy or maintain a career in the sugar mines, Tilda finds herself stuck at home living with her parents. She spends her days and nights in her parent's garage trying to invent Toothrot, a magical syrup that guarantees instant tooth decay. On the eve of events that will rock Toothville, Tilda finally makes a breakthrough and Toothrot is born.

However, on Earth scientist Johann Dipplurger has just developed his magical toothpaste Decayless and it is having profound effects all over the world. With the number of cavities dropping to zero the residents of Toothville are in crisis. Tilda Hillfairy and her cat Slinky journey to Earth to put a stop to Johann's plans and discover more than she bargained for.




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No Rating / Not Explicit


Modern Age

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Overall Rating: 3.0 out of 5


Toothville is a great comic for both children and adults and anything in between...

This first issue works well as a good introduction to the characters in Toothville. The story is well told and ends with a nice cliffhanger!Toothville is a great comic for both children and adults and anything in between because the humour is easy to understand.

By: 3 Million Years - 29 January 2018 10:28:13

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