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The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack #2

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The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack #2
"A Sting in the Tail"

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Comic Book




United Kingdom

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In case you missed the first one, The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack follows the adventures of the eponymous hero as well as his friends and co-conspirators, Tina Biscuit (clever and sneaky) and Hyde, the gentle, sophisticated beast.

Set in Victorian (or 'olden days') London, Issue 1 introduced us to these characters and their mission to help the poorest and re-distribute wealth in their own unique and hopefully hilarious ways.

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Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5


A great sequel.

Tom continues the tales of Jack with this wonderful follow-up.

By: charles_h_raymond - 27 March 2021 17:49:32

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