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The Devil in Disguise #1

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The Devil in Disguise #1

Cover Date:

15 January 2018



Comic Book




United Kingdom

Additional Information

Story Synopsis:

The superhero comic you didn't know you wanted is finally here...
On a deserted train, do-gooder, Nate gets mixed up with a cult who plan to quite literally raise the devil.

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Explicit Rating:

Parental Advisory


Modern Age

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Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5


Just call me Lou

This comic once again reminds me never ever to join a cult unkess i like heads on pikes. There was a real old school pulp vibe running through this comic which I loved. The art was clean crisp and atmospheric. In fact the art style reminded me of darwyn cooke which is to say the art was fantastic. Also for a story about raising the prince of darkness there was a lot more laughs in there than i thought...

By: geeksyndicate - 15 July 2018 07:40:41

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