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The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #3

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The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #3
"The Curse of the Phantom Spaceman"

Series Years:

Cover Date:

01 August 2019



Comic Book




United Kingdom

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Story Synopsis:

A chill has crept across the galaxy as the villain known as Phantom Spaceman has returned! Every five years the evil astronaut reappears to try and innact his mysterious plan. Little is known about the Phantom Spaceman's endgame, as he always disappears before he is caught. Each time he is thwarted, but each time he gets a little closer to his goal. This time, there may be no stopping him! When the Phantom Spaceman reappears and breaks into an advanced Quantum Tech Facility to steal a fantastic new element, the Cosmics are waiting for him, but can they stop him??

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No Rating / Not Explicit


Modern Age

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Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5


Love it!

Great homage to old school comics, done with an obvious love of the genre.

By: GDawg - 05 February 2020 17:59:49

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