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Retake - The Complete Collection

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Retake - The Complete Collection



Trade Paperback (Graphic Novel Softcover)




United Kingdom

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Story Synopsis:

Brad Stone is a major film star, known the world over for his leading role in the superhero 'Powerpatriot' biopic franchise. But, try as he might, Brad can't help but feel he was meant to do more, to help others in ways that didn't solely consist of donating his acting fees.

When a mysterious belt grants him the powers of Relik, our hero is all too eager to get out there and finally be the hero he believes
his city needs. But it's not long before he realises the drastic difference between playing a hero onscreen and being one in
real life; for if you make a mistake there are no second chances - no retakes.

This book collects the complete issues 1-5 of the webcomic Retake, previously published on DrunkDuck.com in 2008.

Written by
David Brett-Andrews and with artwork by Dan Butcher



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