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Rain: The Burning Season Vol.4

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Rain: The Burning Season Vol.4



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United Kingdom

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Story Synopsis:

War has erupted on the streets of the Four Corners. A war between criminal gangs and the police, born from the assassinations of leaders in the vast criminal network that infests this urban jungle. But despite efforts to replace these fallen kings of crime, conflicts are ever present and growing more potent on both sides of the law…

As undercover Internal Affairs agent Nathan Underwood battles to bring down corrupt special agent Sean Millanovich, Millanovich himself scrambles to avoid the approaching consequences for his crimes in a devastating rampage that could obliterate everyone around him and burn his very soul to ashes.

And in the middle of these feuding forces stands Philip Rain, whose grief and anger has become a potent and unrelenting wave of vigilante vengeance, as he declares war on the criminals of the Four Corners.New alliances will be forged. Lives will be destroyed beyond repair. The very fabric of the Four Corners will be torn asunder and changed forever.

Series 2 of Rain concludes in an explosion of gritty crime noir and a relentless, all-action thriller. This is the time when everything will change. This is the coming storm that will devastate the landscape beyond repair. This is the burning season…

This edition collects Rain: The Burning Season, issues 9-17.



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Modern Age

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