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Rain: The Burning Season Vol.3

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Rain: The Burning Season Vol.3



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United Kingdom

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Story Synopsis:

There is a power vacuum in the world of organised crime that flows through The Four Corners, a vast metropolis of towering cityscapes and perpetual rainfall. And it has created a gang war that threatens to burn the streets to the ground…

An ensemble cast of characters from both sides of the law are about to engage in a chess battle that promises immense power for the winners and sheer destruction for the losers.

As sinister agent of the Special Investigations Division Sean Millanovich attempts to thwart attempts to become the new boss of The East Corner, Andrew Hayes and his team of thieves try to snatch the throne for themselves. But undercover Internal Affairs agent Nathan Underwood is hunting the corrupt Millonvich and time is running out for everyone.Meanwhile, hidden in the shadows, Philip Rain stokes a growing rage and fire that threatens to transform his heartbreak and grief into an inferno that could destroy all in its path.

Series 2 of Rain is an epic crime thriller laced with full-tilt action sequences. Welcome to Rain: The Burning Season.

This edition collects Rain: The Burning Season, issues 1-8.



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Parental Advisory


Modern Age

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