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Pumpernickel #1

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Pumpernickel #1

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15 May 2021



Digital Only




United Kingdom

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Rebecca Turner is a miracle. Not expected to make it to her first birthday, Rebecca is now approaching eleven years old. Sure, she's a little weird but her parents love her all the same.

Except they aren't really her parents because she's not really Rebecca Turner.

She's a changeling called Pumpernickel, swapped with the real thing ten years earlier by the Hidden People who now want her to come home and are having trouble taking no for an answer.

But Pumpernickel likes living as a human and loves her adoptive parents. She therefore has no intention of leaving and will protect her stolen life by whatever means necessary, fair(y) or foul.

From the imagination of Luke Cooper, creator of Hollow Girl, AloneNotLonely, Figments and A Glimpse of Hell, and artist on the award-winning GoodCopBadCop, Wolf Country and Burlap: Death Waits for No One, Pumpernickel is a twisted modern fairytale that tells us that family is about more than just blood, no matter how much gets spilled.




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