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NPC Tea #3

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NPC Tea #3

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Comic Book




United Kingdom

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Story Synopsis:

Cardiff's least popular tea shop, Y Ddraig, is run by a perfectionist elf and a disgruntled fire summon. When a magicless human discovers Y Ddraig's secret and a type of banned magic rears it's ugly head, caddies upon caddies of rotting tea become the least of their worries as the entire city of Cardiff is threatened with destruction!



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Parental Advisory

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Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5


Tea gets Stronger

No let up in the quality!

By: GDawg - 06 June 2020 23:45:33


A kickstarted project that achieved its potential!

Not only is this a great continuation of the ongoing storyline, but is also one of those rare gems, a Kickstarter project which exceeds the quality promised. It manages to add yet another character without the roster being and gives us more of a glimpse into the ongoing darker narrative, I can't wait to see more!

By: PiRayT - 21 November 2017 13:43:33

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