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Hero Killer

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Hero Killer



Original Graphic Novel (OGN Softcover)




United Kingdom

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Story Synopsis:

Superheroes never lose. They always thwart the threat before them and justice prevails. Not this time! The superheroes are being hunted! A serial killer is killing them one at a time. The bug is the first to fall. His arms and legs have been ripped from his body, much in the way a child would dismember a spider. Detective Marquez is on the scene, using her unparalleled profiling skills. However, Captain Power and Earth's mightiest heroes arrive and she is shut out of the case. Marquez will not relent. She knows the heroes are out of their depth. Sure, they have saved the Earth from alien invaders and supervillain threats, but they have never faced anything like this. Will Marquez follow orders and drop the case? Will the Killer's identity and motivation be revealed? And most pressingly, how many superheroes will die along the way?




Modern Age

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