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Galaxafreaks Dark Vibes Vol.1 #4

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Galaxafreaks Dark Vibes Vol.1 #4
"The Freakin' End!"

Series Years:

Cover Date:

30 November 2016

On Sale Date:

31 August 2017



Comic Book




United Kingdom

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Story Synopsis:

In the first issue we meet the Darklings. One Darkling in particular is different from all the rest! What has Meeko got to do with the origins of her planet and what is her relationship to the Cosmic Giant Captain Yeah!?

In issue 2 the plot thickens as Captain Yeah! and Meeko start to realise the epic proportions of the Dark Vibe Underlords plans! Gasp as Fuzz Muff gains power and seemingly takes control!

As issue 3 opens we find Captain Yeah! and Meeko desperately searching across dimensions for the lost Galaxafreaks! Only together can they restore order to the multiverse and defeat the evil Fuzz Muff! Jeepers!

And finally in the final issue, which I'm raising funds for with this campaign, all hope is lost! The GalaXafreaks have been banished to a reality of hate and envy! Only Meeko alone can find a solution and restore balance to the vibrations of all reality!




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No Rating / Not Explicit


Modern Age

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