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Death of a Necromancer #1

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Death of a Necromancer #1

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United Kingdom

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Death of a Necromancer #1 is the first of a new four-part story by writer Nick Bryan (FairyFare, And It Snowed), artist Robert Ahmad (Headless, Corollary), colourist David Cooper (House of Sweets, Alex Automatic) and letterer DC Hopkins (Nocterra, Star Trek) asking the big questions, such as – Without death, what truly matters? What's more important – personal survival or community?

And, of course – can even a necromancer die?

When Ralph Foster gets a job as head chef for Deadless Chicken, a new takeaway shop in his lifelong hometown of Tibbin, he doesn't expect it to demand much of him. Until he dies in an unfortunate accident on the way out of the interview, only to find he… still has the job?

Because shop owner Dr Victoria Hedgewood is a necromancer, and the chickens out back aren't just a source of tasty wings. Before they're southern-fried, she sacrifices them to her dark god to raise departed locals from the dead – as long as their family and friends can afford her reasonable fee.



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